ETGive is a payment gateway that easily plugs into your existing donations application.

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Our Focus

is 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.
The non-profit space is considered low risk by the payment providers, enjoying better interchange rates.
Does your existing payment partner pass these rate advantages on to you?

Leaving More on the Table

for your organization.
No setup or monthly "platform" fees.
We work directly with the payment processor, not through an acquiring payment facilitator such as Stripe or Square.

ETGive helps you achieve your mission.

Your non-profit organization has enough challenges without being over-charged for payment processing.

Fully Responsive Giving App (mobile/tablet/PC/Mac):
Gift information

Rock RMS app platform shown:
The first piece of information that the donor gives is the amount and purpose of the donation.
ETGive allows multiple purposes in one gift without duplicate credit card fees.
One time or recurring gifts may be set up at this time.

Donor information

Next, the donor enters their personal information. Once the account is set up, the donor (individual or business) logs in with their email address and PIN.

Payment Information

Finally, the donor securely enters their payment information - either credit card or bank account ACH.
Once the payment information is entered, it is stored securely at the processor's token bank. No sensitive cardholder information is ever kept on your web site or donor application.
Each donor may have multiple payment profiles stored (credit card, ACH).
For signed-in donors, payment entry is quick and easy.

We would love to hear from you.

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